Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! HOWMs, Inc. is an official 501(c)3.

What's a "HOWM?"

It's a house that we build for an orphan or widow living in Malawi, Africa.

Why does a house only cost $1200?

The average Malawian lives off of much less than $1 a day. The average village house costs around $200! But we build nicer houses that last longer and require less maintenance.

What makes a HOWM different? 

Most of the villages we work with have houses with dirt floors and thatch roofs. These require a lot of physical labor to upkeep. So we build houses for orphans and widows that will require little maintenance by including cement floors and tin roofs. Anyone living in these villages would perceive this as a huge luxury.

How long does a house take to build?

Believe it or not, construction only takes a week! As soon as you donate, your HOWM project will be put in a queue and we'll be sure to keep you updated the whole way through. We're really good at talking. 

Will I be able to SEE the house I donate toward?

Absolutely, and we can't wait to show you! After your house is done, we take a picture and give you the exact GPS coordinates.

Why orphans and widows?

Part of our ministry is teaching villagers to take care of those most in need of help. Every time a HOWM is built, we buy our supplies from the local village and recruit volunteers from the chief and villagers.

Can I pick who my donation goes toward?

No problem. Pick anyone off of our list of those in most urgent need of housing. CLICK HERE.